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A look at 2022

To be honest, things have felt so heavy both personally and professionally. It's hard to grasp some of the things that have been happening in our world. I don't have the answers, but I'm going to continue to show up where I'm needed and help tell the story. I am thankful for the opportunity time and time again to be witness to life and all of its fortune and hardships.

Between Roe V. Wade being overturned to the attack on transgender kids who want to play sports in Indiana, I have been busy making photos for the ACLU. Photos for ACLU National and ACLU Indiana

In June, the USMNT took on Morocco in a match at TQL Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio. This one was a little more challenging due to restricted access but I had a blast. Felt so good to be on a big pitch again. Photographed for ISI/Getty Images.

On a much heavier note...

Three people were killed at a mall in Greenwood, Ind., on July 17, 2022 in a shooting that ended when an armed man fatally shot the gunman, city authorities said. Photos below for The New York Times

Chief Jim Ison confirmed that the gunman and three other people were dead after a shooting inside the Greenwood Park Mall in Greenwood, Ind., on Sunday.

Speaking of fortunate earlier... I was fortunate enough to spend time watching my nephew and niece in Philly a few weeks back. Some frames of my favorite 3-year-old who keeps on growing up.

Love this one---grandma inspecting a bug bite on Henry's hand prior to bed. He was very worried about it--or maybe just avoiding going to bed...

My niece is at THE best age. Such a precious little being.


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