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Summer 2019 update

Some recent work and vacation photos from this summer. I can't believe it is already August. I'm mentally preparing myself for political assignments and hopefully some more football.

Meanwhile, I'm anxiously awaiting the fall colors and crisp air.

Michael Johnson was sentenced to 30-years for failing to reveal his HIV status to sexual partners. An appeal set him free this week after serving 5-years. Johnson photographed for The New York Times.


Dr. Alex Carll for The New York Times

Dr. Aruni Bhatnagar for The New York Times

Colts Camp for Kerauno

Below are scenes from the University of Louisville medical school studying the affects of "juuling" (for The New York Times)


I shot a lot of film and mirrorless on my June trips. My family and I took our annual vacation to Ontario this year. It was a special year being able to take my 4-year-old nephew Karter along for the ride. We've been going here since I was his age...

Here are some Canon mirrorless shots in Canada....

Karter (aka jellybean) at Clearview Cottage Resort beach / Youngs Point, ON, June 2019

Karter's first game of Yahtzee in the cabin

Karter's first time watching skiing/tubing off the speed boat

He had a lot of fun playing with other kids on our trip, but he's also a very independent kid. He can play by himself for hours. His dad (my brother) was very similar as a kid so I'm not surprised.

Lastly, this June Jenna and I finally checked Los Angeles off our bucket list. It was exactly how I always imagined. We both can't wait to go back soon.

400 ISO on my Nikon N90

Below if the view of the beach from the Pacific Park ferris wheel...

Griffith Observatory---driving through the hills to get here was wild coming from good, old flat Indiana.

Venice Skatepark was by far my favorite part of the trip.

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