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A big update

The past month or so has given me a lot of opportunities to photograph.

I spent a Sunday afternoon with Rebecca Grimm and her family a few weeks ago for The Los Angeles Times...

Rebecca Grimm was pregnant with her second child in 2018 when she suffered a miscarriage but did not pass the fetus. She went on her insurance website to find out how much it would cost to have a surgical procedure to remove the fetus and learned she could expect to pay $700. After a 15 minute procedure, her and her husband were billed almost $6,000. The cost estimator she had been using to shop for medical care did not include all of the charges associated with the procedure.


Another opportunity that was a really challenging shoot was for the New York Times was regarding Title X and Planned Parenthood.

I went to Springdale Health Center in Cincinnati on Sunday, Sept. 8, 2019. After Planned Parenthood was forced out of the Title X program about three weeks ago, the group announced that two of the clinics in the area will close, one being the Springdale Health Center.

I have photographed unoccupied buildings many of times...but it's been a while! I did my best to find any color, detail, and reflection I could despite the empty space. Curious what my other pj friends would do in this situation? Would love to hear your advice!

Here are a few of said images:

I don't think this one landed since the logo doesn't fit in the mirror, however, was happy to see a family interacting behind.

Another opportunity this month came from the IndyStar---the NASCAR Hauler Parade returned to Main Street in Speedway, IN. A parade of gleaming, colorful NASCAR haulers parks on Main Street before they head toward IMS for the Big Machine Vodka 400 at the Brickyard Powered by Florida Georgia Line weekend.

This was a fun one to play with a 14-24 at!

Last but not least, I had a really special opportunity with ESPN to photograph the unveiling of the Tyler Trent Student Gate at Ross-Ade Stadium prior to the Purdue Boilermakers’ home-opening football game against Vanderbilt.

If you are not familiar with Tyler's story....please watch this video---you will not regret learning about this young man.

Please find the images and full story from ESPN below....

Pacers FanFest 2019 for IndyStar kicking of the season:

These guys were fun to work with---hoping to see more of them this season!


Lastly, a friend and I are starting to photograph the Indy Queer seen. Here are some shots from a shoot we did as Square Cat Vinyl in Broad Ripple.

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