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Mid-Ohio Cluster Dog Show

The Mid-Ohio Cluster Dog Show was held November 12 – 15, 2015 at the Bricker Building in Columbus. I stopped over by the show on Saturday before a scheduled assignment, and was happy to have free time Sunday to go back over and get a more in-depth look.

The show was sponsored by four kennel clubs, including approximately 2,000 dogs per day, representing more than 150 breeds from all over the United States and Canada.

I got a good look at the St. Bernards and Goldens on the last day of the show.

Here are my favorite frames:

Brindle Greyhounds walk toward the competing arena.

Serenity, a Flat-coated Retriever sniffs a passerby.

(center) Serena Edgerton, 12, grooms "Classique Unforgettable Godiva" also known as Sugar, a Briard.

(center) Elizabeth Edgerton, 16, shows "Classique Unforgettable Godiva" also known as Sugar, a Briard.

Great Pyrenees breed top contestants line up for final judging.

A St. Bernard contestant at the Mid-Ohio Cluster Dog show is given her number.

Elaine Cooper shows her St. Bernhard Eastgates Frozen Assets.

Eric J. Ringle of Lake Worth, Florida judges a St. Bernard.

Golden Retrievers wait patiently in the grooming area.

Bryana Pierce (right) of Columbus waves a treat her Golden Retriever, Happy, as they wait to be judged.

Maria Neff of East Lansing, Michigan, runs Golden Retriever, Gabby, outside near the backstage trailers.

A St. Bernard owner walks toward the backstage trailers.

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