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Adult summer camp is a thing!

If you never went to summer camp as a kid, good news, you can still go! Adult summer camps seem to be the new thing popping up around the states. This one I visited outside of Columbus specialized in farming. Here are some scenes from an afternoon at the beautiful Stratford Ecological Center in Delaware, Ohio.

Campers Karen Taylor (left) of Broadview Heights and Kit Kilen set up a tent at Stratford Ecological Center for the farm's first Adult Farm Camp on July 25, 2015. Participants spent the day learning farm chores and skills and spending the night camping out on the land in Delaware. Campers ages ranged from 20s-70s.

Camper Andy Berger of Westerville (left) throws a bale of hay down from the barn as David Zimmerman (right) watches.

Camper Serie Zimmerman (center) talks with Martha Rini (front) in the barn at Stratford Ecological Center as Kit Kilen pet's a sheep.

Campers begin gathering after chores for a hayride that will take them to a fishing lesson.

Many chores involved caring for the animals. The campers stood back after baling some hay for this guy to eat.

Campers Andy Berger of Westerville (left) and Steven Thurston of Columbus (right) check out one of the barn cats.

Campers Andy and Laura Berger of Westerville (right corner) talk amongst other campers during the hayride.

Campers David and Serie Zimmerman, followed by Kit Kilen walk toward the lake after taking a hayride.

Campers bait up their fishing poles.

Pauline Scott of Delaware screams after catching a Bluegill.

Pauline waits as Andy Berger unhooks the Bluegill from her fishing rod.

Not all campers fished. Some chatted and admired the sunsetting over the field and lake.

Laura Berger of Westerville (far right) admires the Black Croppy fish she caught.

Laura, amongst other campers, watches as her fish is skinned for eating.

Camper Steven Thurston looks out toward open farm land as flocks of birds travel behind him.

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