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Reflection: blog 2, frame game

Yesterday, with some down time between assignments, a fellow staff photographer (Barb Perenic) and I stopped on the OSU campus to look for some wild art. I noticed some sunshine peeking through the trees by Mirror Lake and ventured up toward Neil Avenue. When I saw plenty of people commuting by bike I sat down to try and make a graphic frame. With the weather about to take a drastic dip this weekend, I figured it would be the last time I'd be able to sit on a warm curb and observe campus at peace----the next time I'll be back to Mirror Lake will be for the OSU vs. Michigan game...which I'm told is not so peaceful.

It didn't start out that I was trying to create a uniquely framed shot, but it turned into that after I started catching people in the background framed through the bicycle wheels that went by pretty often.

Here is my favorite shot I came up with.....which never fails to be taken in the extra minute I decided to stay in the spot I was in.

Though it doesn't have much newsworthiness, this is probably one of my favorite photos I've framed. It got me thinking a lot about trying to frame things more often, and where I have tried to frame before and why. In this case it was aesthetic more than anything, but framing is certainly a layer that can add a lot of context if used correctly.

It's certainly a game of patience, and maybe even a little risky when you're on a deadline, but it's skill I want to remind myself to keep working with. I find myself all too often trying to perfect one clean layer. Plus, this was really fun!

Past frames:

This time the framing happened by chance. I was sitting back against the wall before Trista and her models were about to walk out, when she asked one model to hold her arms out for a last minute look over.

Trista Grieder admires her 50's inspired bridal gowns in Rockwell Hall just before a photoshoot that will showcase her line to the fashion school at Kent State University on Nov. 15, 2013. "It's kind of more for me, but I wouldn't mind selling them," said Grieder.

Here is a frame I took before a Friday Night Lights game. I didn't spend as much time on it as I would have liked.

Eastmoor Academy Warriors dancers get pumped up before taking on their rival, the Walnut Ridge Scots, on Friday, October 2, 2015 at Eastmoor Academy in Columbus.

This one was kind of force framed with the amount of people who were packed into this small bar. I was crouched on a table to try and see the reaction.

American Outlaws soccer fan Kyle Wehr of Davenport, Iowa falls to the ground after the US misses a close penalty goal against Belgium at a viewing party at Caddy's Sports Bar & Grill on Tuesday afternoon, July 1, 2014 in Bettendorf, Iowa. The United States lost to Belgium 2-1 and was eliminated from 2014's Fifa World Cup in round 16.

I really liked this frame I took at the end of August of Zoe and Jack, but felt like you couldn't tell that violins were framing them. I had this portrait in mind when I went to shoot Horacio and Celeste's portrait a week later. I think that I accomplished the framing in the second portrait much better, but I still like the portrait of Zoe and Jack because of their expressions.

Zoe and Jack Johnstone, community leaders who run a central Ohio endowment supporting contemporary classical music, pose for a portrait, framed between two violinists, at Garden Theatre in the Short North in Columbus on Wednesday, August 26, 2015. The fund supports the continuing growth and vitality of contemporary classical music, and offers grants for commissioning new music composition and producing its performance.

Horacio Nieto, designer and owner of Arlo Menswear, and Celeste Malvar-Stewart, a fashion designer who specializes in making haute-couture clothing, pose for a portrait in their studio, Hangar 391, on Thursday, October 1, 2015 on E. Livingston Ave. in Columbus.

This last frame was from Independents' Day Festival in Columbus. I was waiting for the game of human foosball I was assigned to to start up, and found these guys rehearsing. This ended up being my favorite photo from the festival.

Movement Activities performer Caitlin Steinert of Columbus (center) rehearses her Serpentine dance performance for Mikey Thomas (left) and Chelsea Bond (right) at the Independents' Day Festival in Franklinton on Saturday, September 19, 2015. Steinert's performance costume was based off of one of the first modern dance performers, Loie Fuller.

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